Orchestra (beta)

Orchestra is a web app that helps schools to find the perfect teacher. It’s designed to reduce discrimination during the hiring process. Orchestra was inspired by a 2000 Harvard study on gender discrimination in symphony orchestras. The study found that if orchestra auditions were “blind”, there was a significant increase in the likelihood of female musicians being hired. Learn more about the research here.


Search our database of over 100,000 qualified teachers. Use customisable filters to easily find teachers based on location, qualifications, experience, and more.

Invite teachers to interview using our integrated invitation and scheduling system. Enjoy free access to the TwoSigmas Open Whiteboard for online interviews.

Hire on-the-go. Orchestra is mobile-friendly, making the hiring process even more convenient.

Reduce hiring bias. In Orchestra the teacher’s name, age, gender, and country of origin are anonymised.

Who are TwoSigmas?

We are a Cambridge-based team of teachers, designers and programmers. We were founded in 2012 by Michael Birdsall, a former teacher and University of Cambridge graduate. We use technology to solve problems for schools and teachers all over the world.

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