EFL Teacher (in the UK)



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About the job

Xplore have many different roles available in centers across the UK. Their students are aged 8 - 17 years old. You will be provided with company standard lesson plans and training.

You will be responsible for:

  • Overseeing the safety and well being of children, and accompanying adults participating in EFL lessons.
  • Supervising excursions and ensuring groups leave/arrive on time, as well as ensuring entrance times are met.
  • Marking examination papers, informing students of the results and their subsequent group placement.
  • Creating student profiles and updating them on a daily basis.
  • Liaising with other EFL teachers and visiting group leaders in order to structure the classes suitably and consistently.
  • Preparing lessons for the duration of the allocated TESOL time (in relation to the group programme where possible and when time allows).
  • Carrying out lessons according to your pre-arranged plan.
  • Organizing town questionnaires or tasks for the class to do on excursions.
  • Contributing to the continual evaluations and improvements of Xplore lessons.

You will be asked to teach 6 hours a day, 5 days a week with lesson planning and other administrative tasks required.

Qualification Requirements

A minimum of 120 hours TEFL qualification issued by a reputable institution. It cannot be an online qualification.

Experience Requirements

A minimum of 6 months teaching experience.


£295.00 to £380.00 per week

Accommodation assistance provided and paid working holiday days

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the pay?

  • £295 - £380 a week
  • Accommodation assistance provided
  • Paid working holiday days

Who will I be teaching?

Students aged 8 - 17 years old.

Where is the school located?

Xplore has many centers located across the UK including:

  • Finborough School, Stowmarket
  • Framlingham, Suffolk
  • Langley, Norfolk
  • Pangbourne, Reading
  • Worksop, Nottinghamshire
  • Bredon, Gloucestershire

Is the curriculum provided?

Yes, all of the curriculum and training will be provided.

How long is the contract?

Fixed-term: 6th July – 3rd August/17th August.