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Author: Tutor House Published on: Aug. 22, 2018 Expected Reading Time: 2 mins

Tutor House and TwoSigmas recognize how much the world of learning is changing.

Textbooks are swapped for iPads, and teachers are being replaced by online tutors.While the idea of online education may create some skepticism, it may very well trump in-class learning in the future.

Tutor House offers online tuition for all subjects and levels, as they have seen a high demand for online tutoring from our students and their parents. Online tutoring offers more flexibility around a busy schedule, and is much more convenient than traditional in-class sessions. You also save loads on transportation costs! It’s a win-win for everybody.

They’re fond of their online tutoring services, and they have discovered some fantastic establishments in an effort to learn more about the world of online education. TwoSigmas being one of them.

Since 2013, TwoSigmas have united teachers, designers and programmers with prospective online teaching opportunities around the world. We help teachers find online teaching jobs and helps school recruit online teachers, bringing the benefits of online education to countless teachers and students.

Like Tutor House, we realize how important a customised learning experience can be in getting a student to feel prepared and confident for upcoming exams. Teaching online creates more opportunities for customised one-on-one tutoring that students will not be able to find in a classroom setting.

We detail many such ways on our website, including rewards for positive behaviour, challenging students’ organizational skills in unique ways and encouraging creative thinking processes. We also highlight the ways in which teachers can create meaningful lessons for their students as a result of their own behaviour. The methods include useful tips like self-reflection and assessment and to keep students’ attention by appealing to their curiosity.

With these tips in mind, tutors can enhance their teaching skills within the classroom by applying them on an online scale.

Keeping up with the constant changes of online education may seem tactful. But learning from the comfort of your own home is an increasingly popular choice for many parents, children and tutors alike.

If you want to know more about online education, see how we can help you. If you have any questions abour private tutoring, contact Tutor House by phone or by email.

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