The Benefits of Teaching Online

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A teacher at a desk working on a laptop. On the desk is a paper, pen, and coffee.
Published on: July 11, 2018 Expected Reading Time: 2 mins

Teachers are natural gift givers. They offer the unique gift of opportunity, knowledge, experience, and self-discovery. The right teacher for the right pupil can open up so many doors and possibilities. A good teacher passes on their passion to students. A capable teacher inspires and nurtures young minds to become the teachers of tomorrow. Or doctors. Or builders. Or hairdressers. They enable them to succeed. An effective teacher can unlock hidden potential in a child and set them on a path to success.

But what if you are a teacher who isn’t currently able to teach full time? What if even teaching part time in a school or college is just not a good fit for your life at present? Teaching from home might actually be something you have yet to consider, but it has so many benefits. There are probably thousands of teachers reading this who are currently not teaching, and are missing the chance to stay in the profession. Maybe you took a career break, maybe you can’t find the right school or maybe you are on maternity leave, or even taking a few years off whilst your child is young?

The idea of onerous lesson planning and organising materials is a thing of the past. TwoSigmas' partner schools provide all the relevant materials, so all teachers have to do is deliver the lesson and then relax!

Another wonderful bonus of this style of teaching is that you get to interact with children from all over the world - from different cultures and backgrounds. You may even learn a little yourself from the young people you meet. If and when you return to classroom teaching, your EAL pupil or newcomer pupil experience will be relevant and well-informed.

Probably the most attractive part of online teaching is that there is no commute. You can save money and time by teaching from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. The extra income is also a wonderful aspect of doing what you already love and it will provide you with comfort and reassurance that you are earning just that little bit extra.

Who doesn’t love a flexible schedule? You make the call. You’re no longer at the mercy of the bell, the timetable, covering classes for absent teachers, going to those relentless staff meetings. You choose when you want to teach. Once you have decided this you will have the luxury of focusing on teaching and learning, that is it. There are very few distractions for the students – the large classroom with 30 other children will no longer be a barrier to their learning.

Above all, we know that truly passionate teachers want to positively influence the lives of young people and your involvement with teaching children from a range of other countries will enable them to improve their English skills, opening so many doors for them. It will bless them with better life prospects, the chance to achieve more, do more, be more.

And isn’t that what teaching is all about?

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