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Author: TwoSigmas Published on: Dec. 12, 2019 Expected Reading Time: 4 mins


This week we have a special post to inform you about our online ESL partner school, VIPX!

We have been recruiting on and off for VIPX for around 2 years. They hire seasonally to fall in line with their semesters, hence the ‘on and off’. They describe themselves as the future of education! 

Owned by TAL Education Group, one of the largest educational groups in China, VIPX host online classes for students who are young language learners from China between the ages of 3-14. The students take classes with VIPX as an extracurricular activity in order to gain an academic advantage. They are motivated young people who want to learn.

They are now looking for extraordinary teachers to be a part of their team. 

You would be responsible for delivering online ESL lessons according to their requirements and set-out curriculum. The curriculum they use is as follows, Reach (National Geographic) & Hello English (Cambridge) - all of the courses are reading-based. 

You will need to be passionate about teaching with the ability to reach out to students to create a relationship of mutual trust.


So… let’s outline the details of the role: 




You will teach the same students each week as VIPX likes to be able to offer their students a consistent tutor and set schedule of classes. They allow parents to book you as the teacher for their child for an entire semester! No more scrambling for bookings. VIPX prefer this method as it allows their teachers to solely focus on teaching and not securing hours. 

To ensure the student excels in their classes, they are all one to one. You can give all your time, attention and focus on the individual taking your class. Each class lasts 50 minutes long which also gives you plenty of time to meet the goals you had planned for the lesson. No one likes to feel rushed. 

You will have access to the lesson plans and curriculum well in advance of your scheduled lessons so that you can enter the class prepared and ready to go. VIPX classes are delivered using a unique online platform that features an interactive whiteboard to really help your classes come to life!




You will need to be able to commit to the same schedule for 6 months (semester). So if you are looking for a stable company to teach online with, this is perfect for you! 

You will also need to be able to commit to teaching 15 classes per week from the choices in the chart below

Note: The purple boxes are peak time slots, the blue boxes are non-peak time slots.




VIPX very much encourages training for their teachers. Continuous development is just as important as the initial training period. There will be plenty of opportunities to undertake training during your time teaching. 

They have designed a flexible program that allows you to receive the knowledge and support necessary to become a successful VIPX instructor. With a blend of independent study modules and live sessions with their expert trainers, you can be confident in the materials and platform before beginning your teaching journey with them. 




They offer an excellent base salary of $18 to $22 per hour as well as bonuses for attendance and teacher referrals. They provide payment via direct deposit on the 10th of every month in US Dollars.


Tech requirements 


Not quite as exciting but it is very important you meet the tech requirements for the role in order to be able to deliver effective lessons to the students. Their outlined requirements are below


Desktop, Laptop, MAC, Surface


Operating System

Windows7, Windows8, Windows10,

MAC OS 10.10 or above



Intel Core i5 (or equivalent) or above



4GB RAM or above



Resolution width: 1080 or above

Optimum resolution: 1366×768



Download/upload speed: 4M or above

Wired connection is preferred



A headset with microphone


Hiring process 


The hiring process is quick and easy. We will be on hand to help you throughout the entire process should you have any questions or encounter any issues. 


Step 1 

Apply via TwoSIgmas to teach online with VIPX. Thus consists of filling out a short form and uploading your resume. 

Step 2

We will then pass this on to the senior recruitment team at VIPX for their review. They will then email you directly to invite you to book a live interview. The interview will consist of a brief discussion about your background in teaching and then a short 15-minute demo. The interview will last no longer than 30 minutes in total. The interview is held on Zoom. 

Step 3 

If you pass the demo you will be offered a contract and invited to begin training with their team. 

Step 4 

Start teaching! 


Four very simple steps to obtaining a role that offers you the flexibility and freedom you’ve always wanted from your teaching career. 


So are you who we are looking for? 

VIPX are looking for teachers from the following countries 



You must also have a Bachelor’s degree or above and one of the following teaching certificates 


Teaching experience is preferred but it is not essential! 


Kickstart your online teaching career or add to your current schedule by applying to teach online with VIPX! Let us support you through the hiring process. We respond to all emails within 24 hours and as we are based in the UK, language barriers will never be a problem! 


You can apply for the role at the following link - https://teachers.twosigmas.com/apply/?schoolkey=ANUKja&jobkey=mre9G7&


We look forward to helping you very soon!


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