5 Websites That Will Supercharge Your Lesson Plans

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Author: Charlotte B. Published on: Oct. 17, 2018 Expected Reading Time: 5 mins

No matter how long you’ve been teaching, it’s always important to keep your lessons engaging and fresh. But, we get it, you’re pushed for time with a to do list as long as your arm and your leg put together. Sometimes creating resources for your students isn’t at the top of your ‘to do’ list.

There’s a whole load of websites out there claiming they offer help with lesson planning. But which ones to trust?We’ve done a bit of the hard work for you by compiling a list of 5 of the best resources on the internet for teachers.

Whilst we always think you should put your own spin on lessons and tailor your classes to individual learners, the resources you will find on these website can be used as inspiration for your own lessons and cut your planning time in half.

You’re welcome!




Discovery Education is a global organisation offering standards-based digital content for K-12, including digital textbooks, media, and STEM resources. Their website has a whole host of free resources for teachers, parents and students to utilise, and one of the busiest professional learning opportunities in the world.

First of all, the free resources that they offer covers Kindergarten to 12th grade in key subject areas such as Science, Technology and Math. Lesson plans come fully formed, with clear objectives and extension activities - there’s even a heads up on the kind of materials that will be needed throughout the lesson. All you need to do is download, prepare, and go!

There’s also a cool puzzlemaker tool where you can easily make word searches, cryptograms and hidden messages for the class to get stuck in to. These are great ways to start a lesson, particularly if you’re covering a theme with lots of keywords or beginning a new topic.

You can even take students on ‘Virtual Field Trips’ to iconic locations without the hassle of a risk assessment or permission slips. Another great way to engage your learners in the classroom in a fun and immersive way!




Through education.com, you can get your hands on a whole load of resources for your lessons. Check into the Learning Library and you’ll find printable worksheets, online games, pre-written lesson plans, and activities.

One of the things we love about this website is that you can search by content type and subject. For example, if you’re looking for adult-led activities you can hop, skip and jump your way to hands-on activity inspiration that can be sorted by subject and age. If you’re looking for worksheets for independent learning - they have those too!



Teacher.org is a great all-rounder for teachers looking for cool resources to spice up their lessons and (let’s face it) make their lives a little easier.

It spans a large age range from Kindergarten all the way through to 12th Grade.

There’s an absolute wealth of resources to be found here and the majority of them are slick and professional looking, which means less chopping and changing for you beyond tailoring it to your students.

Again, each lesson comes neatly prepared for you with objectives and outcomes, materials needed, procedures and forms of assessment that can be used over the course of the class and with which activities. All resources can be downloaded in handy PDF files and saved for later - and you can always dive in to the ‘Related Lesson Plan’ section if you’re looking for more!




According to their website, more than 1/3 if all US teachers use TeacherVision in their classrooms, which should be testimony enough for your to jump on board. But if you need a bit more persuading, we’ve done some of the leg work for you to find out if it really is worth your precious time.

The resources on this website cover Early Learning through to 12th Grade, so there will definitely be something for everyone here. A range of subjects are also covered including math, ELA, science and social studies. What’s really exciting about Teacher Vision, though, is what they call FutureFit.

FutureFit is a ‘curriculum enhancement framework’ that helps you to integrate social-emotional learning into ‘traditional’ lessons. That means seamlessly incorporating growth mindset, critical thinking or self-awareness into your existing lessons. This is fantastic because increasingly we are aware that it is essential to equip students with skills like this to help them thrive in the real world.

There are two packages available with a Teacher Vision account. The first is ‘basic’ where you can access their library of resources but are limited to 3 downloads. With their ‘premium’ offering, for a few dollars a month, you get unlimited access to everything on the site. And, trust us, it’s just bursting with stuff for you to use.



Like all of the above, Global Dimension covers ages from Early Years right the way through to 12th Grade, so you’re bound to find some help here. Current resources on the site cover all the subjects you might expect including Business studies, ESOL, and PSHE.

Whilst this website is geared to the UK teaching system, a lot of the resources are free and easy to access. There is a search function with pretty robust parameters that you can tweak to find what you’re after, and tags for subjects and topics (which cover hard hitting issues like Bullying and Brexit!).


Our suggestion? Bookmark these websites today!

Lesson planning can be one of the most time consuming tasks and these websites can go a long way to cutting down that time drastically. By taking inspiration or worksheets directly from these websites, you can always be sure that you’ve got engaging lessons on hand no matter how busy you are - and the fact that they’ve been published up on these platforms means they are tried and tested on students just like yours!

For many of these platforms, there’s also the ability to publish your own lesson resources for either free or for a fee. So, next time you step out of a lesson and think how awesome it was, maybe you should consider uploading it to one of these websites to help out other teachers?

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