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Author: Adelle Wood Published on: May 8, 2019 Expected Reading Time: 3 mins

The number of educators using social media is constantly on the rise and one of the main reasons for this is the wide range of PD (professional development) materials that are readily available. A lot of that material comes in the form of blog posts by other teachers and education leaders.


We have compiled a list of 10 of our favorite blogs that we hope you will get some inspiration from.


1. Janelle McLaughlin (@Ms_Mac4)


Janelle is a keynote speaker, innovative education consultant, leadership coach, and educator from Indiana. She writes articles that cover a wide range of topics including education leadership, student-led learning, and education technology.


2. Chuck Poole (@cpoole27)


Chuck is the founder of Teachonomy and is a blogger, author, and podcaster. His content is a hit with teachers around the world with his frequent snippets of inspiration on Instagram and 10-minute podcast series is a great way to get a boost. Listen to his episodes in the gym, on the way to work or before bed… the possibilities are endless!


3. Jennifer Hogan (@Jennifer_Hogan)


Jennifer Hogan is an educator, mentor, blogger, and speaker from Alabama. She is also the founder of the famous #ALedChat and #CompelledTribe. Jennifer writes blog posts to encourage and empower fellow educators.


4. Brian Kulak (@bkulak11)


Brian is a school principal, author, speaker, and writer from New Jersey. His blog is full of real-life scenarios that provide a lesson to be learned for all educators. His posts are relevant and raw and this is what makes them some of our favorites to read.


5. Jon Harper (@Jonharper70bd)


Jon is a talented author, speaker and podcast host. He’s the author of the excellent ‘24 Educators Who Messed Up, Fessed Up and Grew!’ (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0999139738/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)

His blog is packed full of positive, inspirational posts that focus on helping educators on a personal level. Offering advice on how to look after yourself and stay positive. He provides some excellent tips on how to improve your skills in order to get the best out of your students.


6. Luke Richardson (@LukeRicha)


Luke is a creative teacher, writer, and blogger from the UK. His blog offers lots of great tips for teachers with easy to follow how-to guides. He has recently been focusing on his ‘Healthy Teacher’ series which emphasizes just how important it is that educators start focusing on their personal wellbeing. Luke is always active on social media so be sure to follow his page!


7. Martine Guernsey (@MartineGuernsey)


Martine is a teacher, author, and keen podcaster. You can check out her book, ‘The Productive Teacher’ here: https://buff.ly/2GYSO3T. If you are looking for some innovative tips on how to prioritize your workload and time, this is for you! Make Martine’s blog a part of your professional development today!


8. Four O’Clock Faculty (@RACzyz, @trevorabryan, @4OClockFaculty)


Four O’Clock Faculty was founded by Trevor Bryan and Rich Czyz. It is designed for educators looking to improve learning for themselves and their students. Follow the hashtag #40CF to keep up to date with the latest posts and news from the guys! This blog is a perfect one to read if you don’t have much time on your hands. Rich is often posting little snippets on inspiration to help you get through the day.


9. The Teacher and the Admin (@garyarmida, @kfelicello, @TeacherAndAdmin)


The Teacher and the Admin blog is written by a teacher (@garyarmida) and an administrator (@kfelicello). Their posts are written from both points of view to get a well-rounded opinion on hot topics in the education sector. Kris Felicello and Gary Armida are a great team and share the same goal which is to make education better for kids.


10. Vicki Davis, Cool Cat Teacher (@coolcatteacher)


Vicki Davis has won awards for her Cool Cat Teacher blog! She is an excellent speaker, author and podcast host. Vicki has interviewed some of the biggest names in the education industry at the moment for her 10-Minute Teacher Show. If you are after a well-rounded podcast series or blog to read through, this is the one for you. Vicki also offers some excellent tips and advice on how to get your own blog started and how to build your teacher brand on social media.


Do you have a favorite that we haven’t listed? Please feel free to add them in the comments below.

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