In the Spotlight: English Academies in Spain. ‘Teach English online instead and get paid more!'

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Author: Adelle Wood and Robert Hamburg Published on: April 16, 2019 Expected Reading Time: 3 mins

Opinion post inspired by Robert Hamburg, founder of


Teaching in Summer Camps has been publicized a lot in recent years and the demand for qualified teachers to spend their summer in different schools/centers across the world has increased dramatically. Spain is one of the most popular destinations and you can understand why. Sun, sand, and sea! Sounds like a dream, right? Think again!

"In Spain, there are thousands of language schools, many of which have no accreditation status and poor working practices. They often don't pay more than €12.00 an hour and most academies issue a temporary contract which finishes at the end of June. Unless you work a 50 or even a 60-hour week in a summer camp you're stuck for 3 months without a job. Many teachers are also taken on as self-employed or on a zero-hours contract and so receive no holiday pay throughout the academic year. Spain still lags behind most other European countries (according to EF’s English proficiency index) and employing better working practices for teachers is something that needs to be addressed if Spanish people are to improve their level of English”.

This is a quote from Robert Hamburg, founder of, an online review platform for English academies in Spain.

Robert’s extensive knowledge in the industry and market trends reveals that actually, teaching abroad in summer camps isn’t as glamorous as we all might think! But, teachers have a lot of extra time off from their responsibilities in the classroom during the Summer period and look to earn some extra income, their first port of call is normally to teach in a training center or summer school as with their existing experience, it’s easy to secure a position. But don’t work for peanuts folks, there is an alternative!

“It's a logical step for English teachers, especially those residing in Spain, who are struggling to make ends meet, to teach online and get paid almost double what they'd usually earn".

Let’s look at why you should consider taking Robert’s advice:


What is teaching online?


Teaching online is a great way to earn some extra income alongside your existing job or it can even be your sole income if you decide to teach with more than one school to gain extra teaching hours. Check out tips on how to earn a full-time wage on part-time hours here.

You can teach from the comfort of your own home and therefore can say goodbye to long, tedious commutes, think of all those extra minutes in bed! As long as you have a computer/laptop and a strong internet connection, you can teach from anywhere in the world. Take your work with you on your travels.  

You will connect with students online via a live video platform where you will teach the provided curriculum. That’s right, now lesson planning! All of the materials for the lessons are provided by the schools you teach for.

Roll out of bed, a quick brush of your hair and t-shirt change and that’s it, you’re set!

And time for the burning question, how much does it pay?

The pay rate varies per school but generally, the hourly rate is between 16$ - 30$ an hour plus bonuses!




TwoSigmas are currently hiring online English teachers for many of our partners based in China. Once you have submitted an application we will match you to the school that is the most suitable for you. We do that hard work for you! We support candidates through the entire hiring process, day or night, we will be on hand to assist.

Say goodbye to 60 hour weeks and endless marking, and join the online teaching team here at TwoSigmas. We’re confident you won’t look back.

Check us out on Facebook and join our group dedicated to providing helpful hints and tips for our online educators here.


Go on, submit an application today!


Still got questions? Email us at and we will be more than happy to help!


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