How to Recruit the Right Teachers for your School

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Author: Leah Robertson Published on: Sept. 25, 2019 Expected Reading Time: 5 mins


We know that the success of a school is determined to a large extent by the effectiveness of its teachers. We also know that teacher recruitment problems are growing as schools are facing severe shortages of teachers. As a result, teachers are increasingly having more choice where they work which therefore means that if you want to hire the right teachers for your school, you need to take time to make your school stand out. 

It’s worth spending time ensuring that your recruitment process is vigorous. Choosing the wrong person can be disastrous and end up being both expensive and time-consuming. It can also cause problems for both pupils and the wider teaching team. 


Attracting the right candidate 


Striking the balance between workload, sufficient challenge and ensuring staff well-being is crucial and is an on-going challenge for all school leadership teams. Nearly 50% of teachers within the first five years have left the teaching profession and evidence shows that workload is a key factor in this. Be aware of the common problems such as workload, and be open about what you do to ensure that your teaching staff have a healthy balance. 

What makes your school special? Celebrate your school successes and give as much detail about the school vision and ethos as you can so that candidates can get a feel from both the application process and from the website. 

You must be creative in the ways you attract candidates. A video is an excellent way of allowing candidates to get a feel for your climate, be able to hear about your strengths visually and allow candidates to learn about what you can offer them. The video could permanently be available on your website so that anyone, including prospective parents, can get a feel for your school. The more detail you give to potential candidates, the more likely they are to know if they will fit in with your school’s values and culture.

If possible, try to ensure the school Principal is part  of the film. Potential candidates will want to get a sense of who is in charge of the school What makes them passionate about education? What are they most proud of in their school? What makes them get out of bed in the morning? What is the school vision? Being able to have personal experience will strike a chord with other educators who share similar passion and ethos.

Additionally, let teachers talk about their experience of working at the school, sharing what they think makes the school special. This will help candidates to get a further feeling for your school and allow them to know what the profile of the school is so that they will be able to decide if they think it could be the right fit for them. 

Remember, the larger the pool, the more likely it will be that you meet the candidate who will be the right fit for your school. This can be done by reaching both within community appropriate places and sites as well as tapping into online recruitment websites to help to reach a wider audience. Perhaps consider reaching out to existing teaching assistants who are already working successfully within your school and see if schools direct could be an appropriate path for them.  


Deciding on specific skills 


Looking in detail at your School Improvement Plan is key as well as looking at your current strengths and weaknesses of your teaching staff. Asking the following questions beforehand is important to ensure that you find the right skilled teacher for your school:



Choosing the right candidate 


Remember not to rush the recruitment process. Taking time to ask specific questions to establish their understanding is key. You want to find a candidate who wants to work for your school as much as you would like them to work for you. Asking questions such as, ‘Why here?’ will help to differentiate between different candidates' feelings about your school. The more information you have given in a video, the website, candidates pack etc, the more specific and detailed the answers and any questions will be. 

Remember to be honest, frank and open. If you want teachers who want to change and improve, for example, be explicit and let them know that from the beginning they will be expected to adapt and change through an open culture of discussion and improvement. This includes being open if your school is going through a particularly tough time. It might narrow some initial applicants but it will ensure that they are a better fit in the long run. Don’t’ be afraid to ask tough questions if necessary, particularly if you think there is a potential area of conflict. 

Ensure there is time for candidates to talk to and interact with current members of staff and teachers. Encourage them to ask staff questions that they may have. 




It’s clear that with teacher recruitment at an all-time low and with a similar proportion of teachers now entering as they are leaving, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you manage to recruit teachers who are right for your school. Being creative in advertising your school, deciding where your ‘gaps’ are and asking specific, open questions, are all vital. 

Finding the right candidates starts with ensuring you have a large pool and that’s where we can help you. With years of experience working with the biggest names within the education sector, alongside our industry knowledge, we can help you find the teachers right for your school.


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