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Author: TwoSigmas Published on: Jan. 22, 2020 Expected Reading Time: 3 mins


Did you know we have accounts and groups on various social media channels?

If you’d like to keep up to date with the latest teaching vacancies, be inspired by our shared content and/or simply make friends with teachers in a similar situation to you, become a member of our groups or give us a follow! 

Listed below are the different channels we are active on. Click on the platform’s logo to be taken straight to our accounts. See you soon!



We use Instagram to broadcast our latest teaching vacancies online and in schools overseas, as well as, posting inspirational quotes and announcing when we have a new blog post live. Neve miss out on the action by giving us a follow and keeping an eye on our story!



We already have an amazing 1871 teachers following us on Facebook and we’re inviting you to check out our account to see why! We share some of our favorite articles in the education news at the moment, employment offers and if you would prefer to message us on Facebook rather than sending an email, we would love to hear from you! 


Facebook Groups 


We know that teachers like to feel part of a community so we wanted to create our own. We have done this in the form of Facebook Groups.

We currently have 3 different groups up and running and we’d love for you to become a member. 

Details of our groups are written below...


Online English Teachers 💻 

A group dedicated to Online English Teachers. A place where you can share resources, interview tips, vacancies and any recommendations you have for fellow online teachers.


Overseas Teaching Jobs 🌏 

A group for teaching opportunities in international schools and training centers all over the world. Stay up to date with the latest vacancies here.


Teaching Jobs in China 🥠 

Posting the most sought after International Teaching vacancies in China every day!


LinkedIn Page 

Are you looking for a new teaching role? We know LinkedIn is a top choice for professionals when looking for a new role or trying to connect with like-minded people so why not give our company account a follow and receive updates on your timeline about our latest vacancies? 


LinkedIn Group 

We have also started a group called ‘International School Vacancies’. If you are an experienced teacher who has previously taught in an International School, this group is perfect for you! We post a variety of exclusive teaching opportunities all around the world with details on how to apply. 




We love Twitter for connecting with teachers around the world and creating our own learning network. You can learn so much from other educators and Twitter is sharing hub! We often tweet popular blog posts from the best of our edutwitter network. Pick up top tips, learn about different teaching strategies and join the conversation with our polls. 




Looking for the latest teaching resources? Want to freshen up your lesson plans? Look no further than our Pinterest account. We have lots of different boards to help shake up your classroom and pin lots of different ideas to help you be creative. We also share our favorite education quotes to show our appreciation for your wonderful work and inspire you to be the best you can be. 

Our Website is the home to all the information you need to begin your career teaching online or in an international school! We list ALL of our current vacancies on our website and host a live chat platform for you to easily get in touch with us if you have any questions or require any assistance. 


We also have our own blog that is full of posts written by teachers themselves with their own personal tips on how to thrive as an educator!  




If you prefer to read articles via, no problem! We post our blog posts to our Medium account every Thursday.


We being social and we’d love you to join the conversation. Become a member of the TwoSigmas family across all of our social networks and let us help you land your dream teaching job. 


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