Everything You Need to Know About Online Learning During Quarantine

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Author: William Roy Published on: April 24, 2020 Expected Reading Time: 3 mins

The global coronavirus outbreak has affected everyone’s lives. Every single domain of our life is struggling, and we are trying to figure out some way to cope up without our earlier routine. Students and teachers, in particular, are being affected the most because the timetables that were already set up are hard to catch on with. Now almost every high school is trying to turn into an online private high school and trying to facilitate students to get along with their yearly schedule. Online classes are very different from the regular ones and might be new for many. Here is what you need to know about online learning and classes during quarantine:


Make Some Room for Patience

Online classes as we said earlier, are new to some people. Not everyone has got experience in attending lectures online and not every student might be aware of how to use that online learning platform. Moreover, the excess use of the internet all over the word might bring some fluctuations in the internet connection either of yours or your students'. Therefore, prepare yourself for some technical issues during the online class and make sure to remain patient throughout the process because the times are equally hard and novel for everyone. Do not keep your expectations high with the online session.

Be Composed and Come Prepared:

Teachers are an inspiration for many. Your students look up to you just as they look up to their parents. They expect you to give them hope and to teach them to cope with the situation. All you need to do is to be prepared for the classes, and by prepared we do not just mean the content, but you must dress yourself up for the class as you would do for a regular one. Moreover, try not to talk about the coronavirus situation because it’s the last thing anyone wants to hear. Try creating an environment where kids can feel motivated and happy.

Make Online Sessions Engaging:

Your online session has to be interesting and engaging. Make sure to radiate positivity and motivation when you deliver the lecture. Keep your voice high and have a pleasant tone when you interact with the students. The environment of the class partially depends on your behavior and mood. Make sure to have a question-answer or an interactive session at the end or during an online session so that students can remain attentive during the lecture.

The Content:

When it comes to online sessions, make sure that content is simple and designed as per the target audience. Avoid teaching topics that are too technical or difficult. Even if there is something tricky, make sure to simplify it and make it understandable for the target audience. Explore other online tools to make your session more comprehensive, for example, you can use online whiteboards or if you are teaching them to make an assignment you can share your laptop screen with them and show them how to do it. Make sure to keep your content simple and interesting so that the purpose of an online class can be fulfilled to perfection.

Give Some Space for Flexibility:

Online classes work well when there is some room for flexibility. As a teacher, you might feel it's difficult to make some changes in your teaching schedule or content, but you must keep yourself prepared to make some changes. Try involving your students to do some planning. Ask them if it is convenient for them to take online quizzes or if they are willing to submit assignments. Making some room for changes will keep your students engaged and they won't feel burdened this way which means that they can stay motivated and will try their best to ace their online classes. 


These simple tips will surely help you to make a comfortable and appropriate learning environment for your students. Even if you feel it's inconvenient at the beginning, hold on to it and keep trying till things get smoother. Once your online sessions are in flow, you will also enjoy them. Finding a way to facilitate your students in any situation makes you a perfect teacher. Make sure to play your part in trying to keep things smooth and normal.

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