5 Reasons Teachers Should Use Social Media

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Author: Alexandra J. Published on: Nov. 14, 2018 Expected Reading Time: 5 mins

Social media is a landscape that's constantly evolving. Gone are the days of social media being used solely to look at cute pictures of puppies or funny cat memes.

Social media plays a huge role in all our lives:

But social media has become far more than just a chat platform, it has transformed into a method in which you can advance your teaching career.


So why should teachers use social media? Here are 5 reasons to mull over:


1. Looking to refresh your career? It can help find you a new teaching job.


Let's be honest, nowadays no one is going to find their dream job scouring the wanted section of the local newspaper. With over ⅓ of recruiters using social media to find their next hire, you want to be at the center of their search.


2. It can boost your career progression and enhance your professional development.


Those are just a few ideas to get you started. 

3. It can help you create lesson plans.


Bored of the same old teaching tools? Get fresh lesson ideas from social media - engage with teachers worldwide and take inspiration from Pinterest or another teacher’s Facebook page.


Find and share resources. Before you settle down to create new material, check your networks. Chances are someone has already created just the thing you want and made it accessible for you. You will be surprised by the generosity of online educators sharing their resources. If you don't mind spending a little to get exactly what you need, Teachers Pay Teachers is a great website which has a whole range of different lesson plans. 


4. It will expand your friend network.


Recent research has shown that we are lonelier than ever before. Use social media for its original purpose - to connect you to other people. When you’re feeling alone and down, the last thing you want to do is be social but force yourself to engage with others. Break out of your rut and talk to people you wouldn’t normally talk to.


5. Social media is beneficial to teachers in their teaching roles.


If none of the above reasons appeal to you, maybe just take this one thing away with you: the next generations all use social media.

If you want to be a great teacher and connect with your students in order to understand how they think and enable them to learn, you must try and get on their wavelength.

The easiest way to do that is by getting on social media.

That doesn’t mean you should befriend your students, far from it, but how many times have you overheard their conversations in the corridors and wondered what the heck they were talking about? Don’t let their knowledge overtake yours.

Social media, when used correctly and appropriately, can be an incredibly valuable teaching tool because it gives you such a wonderful insight into who you’re teaching.

One point to note when deciding how to use social media: always find out what your school district's policy is. And take a look at these tips for protecting students' privacy when you use social media.


Finally, social media isn’t something to be feared, it is to be embraced. The technology isn’t going away anytime soon, so take advantage of it and use it to help guide you and develop your teaching career, you never know, it could be the best teaching decision you make this year.

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