4 Ways to Kick-Start Your Teaching Career

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Published on: July 11, 2018 Expected Reading Time: 2 mins

There was a time, before the advent of online teaching, where if you wanted to be a teacher, you had to choose a city in which to settle, find a school to apply to, and hope that job openings were available. If hired, you would spend a long time teaching at this school -  perhaps even your entire career. Many important teaching considerations would be out of your control - things like the amount of time you spent teaching, the school’s teaching methodology, and the school’s mission and style.


Those days have gone. With the rise of the internet and emergence of online teaching platforms, you can now teach students all over the world, at any time of day, for as long as you want. You just need a computer and an internet connection and you are ready to work from home.


For young teachers, it’s often difficult to find local job opportunities. Here are some top tips for kick-starting your teaching career:


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