We revolutionize
private tuition

We are a team of enthusiastic teachers, designers and programmers, writers, engineers etc who are passionate about bringing the benefits of 1 to 1 education to young learners in China.

How we work

We take the hassle out of teaching. We connect teachers with online English teaching opportunities, provide the curriculum and resources, and offer flexible hours, competitive pay, and teacher support.

Our intuitive Open whiteboard technology brings/livestreams lessons directly into our students homes. It is free to use, and is designed to make teaching easier for our teachers, and more effective for our students.

Our purpose

We believe that teachers have the most important job in the world. Every single day teachers tirelessly work to transform lives, shape children’s futures, and inspire future generations. We want to help teachers to achieve the life-work balance that they deserve. We simplify online teaching and offer our teachers flexibility, tools, and support. By doing this we give our teachers the freedom to focus on the things that matter, like family, friends, and students. And because happier teachers are better teachers, everybody benefits.

Our story

We are a team of enthusiastic teachers, designers and programmers who are passionate about bringing the benefits of 1-on-1 education to young learners in China.

We started in Cambridge, England in 2013, and were inspired by the work of educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom. In his 1984 paper 'The Two Sigmas Problem' Benjamin described an experiment where a teacher delivered classroom instructions and private tuition to two groups of students at the same academic level. Students receiving private tuition performed above 98% of those taught in the classroom. In nerdy math terms, they performed two ‘sigmas’ higher. We believe that every child is capable of achieving ‘two sigma’ results.

We’ve created our Open whiteboard. An online teaching platform that’s specially designed to make online lessons more convenient and rewarding for both teachers and students. Over the last few years it’s helped us to bring the twosigmas effect to thousands of young learners.

Our team

Adam - Head of Operations

Adam graduated in Maths from the University of Cambridge, and worked as a tutor before joining Twosigmas. He’s the first person in the world to have successfully replaced all of his meals with tea.

Eliot - Marketing Support

Eliot graduated in English from the University of Cambridge, and worked as an editor before joining Twosigmas. He takes care of writing, social media, and some of our customer service channels. Eliot once gave Adam a potato for his birthday.

Esther - Customer Service Manager

Esther is based in Finland and oversees our customer service team. Oddly, she insists on wearing cat ears to work, which we suspect is part of a ritual for warding off the Finnish cold.

Fingal - Junior Programmer

Fingal studied Maths at the University of Cambridge, and joined us immediately after graduating. He writes music in his spare time, and is respected by colleagues for his fine taste in warm jumpers.

Mike - CEO

Mike founded Twosigmas by way of the US Navy, the University of Cambridge, and 7 years as an ESL teacher, and has overseen the company since its inception. He has an enduring love-hate relationship with pistachio nuts.

Viktor - CTO

Viktor is the brains behind Open whiteboard. He joined us shortly after graduating in Maths from the University of Cambridge. Rumour has it Viktor thinks in binary, and we’re pretty sure that he’s secretly a robot.

You? - ESL teacher

Our teachers are the most important part of our team. They come from all over the world, and they inspire us with their passion, skill and dedication every single day. Will you join them?

Our technology

In early 2015 we set ourselves a challenge. We wanted to find a way to improve online teaching while simultaneously making our teachers’ lives easier. Our eggheads got to work and came up with the Twosigmas Open whiteboard, our state-of-the-art online classroom. It’s the perfect tool for enhancing lessons, and it’s part of the toolkit that we provide to all of our teachers.


Illustrate your point: you and your student can draw and write together in real time. Share and annotate images, pdfs and more.


With high quality camera and microphone support, you’ll soon forget that you and your student are on opposite sides of the world.

Save slides

Revising a lesson? Return to old whiteboard slides at the click of a button.

Instant access

There’s no need to download software, remember passwords, or create an account. Our classroom runs in your web browser, so all you need is a recent version of Google Chrome.

Simple to learn

We reckon that anybody can learn how to use the Open whiteboard in less than 90 seconds.

Open Whiteboard

The perfect tool for teaching.