A laptop on a desk. On the laptop screen a teacher and student are participating in a ESL lesson using an online whiteboard.

We are revolutionizing
online education

We are a team of enthusiastic teachers, designers and programmers who are passionate about bringing the benefits of online education to young learners all over the world. We help teachers find jobs and schools find teachers.

How we work

For teachers
We take the hassle out of teaching. We match you with online and in-person teaching positions at our partner schools, and support you through the interview process. For online jobs, we only partner with schools that offer teaching materials, flexible hours, and competitive pay.

For schools
We’re transforming school recruitment. We help you find, hire, and retain great teachers. We find you teachers, offer teacher recruitment software, and provide consultancy services.Learn more


Our purpose

We believe that teachers have the most important job in the world. Every day teachers work incredibly hard to inspire students, transform lives, and shape childrens' futures. We want to help teachers to find the life-work balance that they deserve.

We do this by simplifying online teaching, and finding teachers jobs with flexibility, tools, and support. This gives our teachers the freedom to focus on the things that matter, like students, friends, and family. And because happier teachers make better teachers, everybody benefits.

A happy teacher working from home on a laptop

Our story

We are a close-knit team of teachers, designers, and programmers based in Cambridge, UK. We started out in 2013 with the dream of bringing online education to every country on the planet.

We’ve gone on to develop our own online whiteboard, and in 2015 we won the MassChallenge Gold award for our innovative Edtech work. In 2018 we launched Orchestra - our all-in-one teacher recruitment and applicant tracking system for schools. Since we started, we’ve helped to deliver online lessons to thousands of learners around the world.

A team of people putting their hands together to create a hand-stack.

Our team

Mike - CEO

Mike founded TwoSigmas by way of the US Navy, the University of Cambridge, and 7 years as an ESL teacher. He has an enduring love-hate relationship with pistachio nuts.

Viktor - CTO

Viktor joined us shortly after graduating in Maths from the University of Cambridge. Rumour has it Viktor thinks in binary, and we’re pretty sure that he’s secretly a robot.

Fingal - Developer

Fingal studied Maths at the University of Cambridge, and has a past life as a chocolatier. He is part of the infamous Colonel Spanky's Love Ensemble, and is respected by his colleagues for his fine taste in warm jumpers.

Sarah - Developer

Sarah studied Astrophysics at the University of Cambridge, and has previously taught secondary school Mathematics. Sarah was once a professional awkward silence filler.

Nirali - Project Manager

Nirali studied Optometry, so she's got a keen eye for a deal. She once got in a war of noisy shoes with someone at a nearby desk.

Adelle - Inbound Marketing

Adelle worked as a nanny before joining us and has a diploma in horse management.

Ellen - Developer

Ellen worked at the University of Cambridge. She has fond memories of someone trying to save her from drowning, knocking her unconscious with a kayak in the process.

Angie - Product Manager

Angie has a degree in Textile Design and ran her own dress making business before joining us. She has just under 2000 cook books and has cooked from about 70% of them.

Jun - Head of Sales, China

Jun works hard and sleeps hard. He's up at all hours talking to our clients in China and on his days off he likes to sleep the day away.

You - ESL teacher

Our teachers are the most important part of the team. They inspire us with their passion, skill, and dedication every single day.

Our Technology

The USA has a teacher shortage. We've developed technology to solve it. Orchestra is an all-in-one teacher recruitment platform and applicant tracking system. Search our database of over 100,000 qualified teachers, invite candidates to interview, and track their progress through our system.

Search for teachers

Filter through over 100,000 qualified teachers in our database, then invite them to interview.

Online interviews

Interview candidates online through Orchestra, or request pre-recorded interview answers.

An icon of an arrow pointing downwards.

Export reports

Export customisable recruitment reports at the click of a button.

An icon showing a clock.

Interview scheduling

Integrated interview scheduling makes it easy to arrange interviews, and to accept or reject candidates.

Become an online English teacher

A work-from-home career teaching English online to young learners.